the Rhythm of Leading for Longevity

This powerful and entertaining presentation highlights the tools leaders can use to navigate their team through times of uncertainty, change and an era of disruption.

People leave their ‘one-up-leader’, not the organisation! How well are your leaders stroking the motivators and values of their team members, and ensuring they willingly tap into their discretionary effort reserves? Are your leaders thinking about ‘disruption’ and how to prepare for it?

Ian Stephens is co-founder of ‘Neuro-Transformational Strategies’. He is the author of three books and is currently finishing ‘Enrich, the new science of Self-Leadership’.


“In one session, Ian was able to provide the missing link. His suite of tools and processes available to me have made a huge difference to my personal achievements and my companies success”

What’s Included:

Jam packed with laws, tips, skills and practical tools, the content of each talk is tailored to each individual brief, but can include messages/content such as:

  • The 4 underpinning principles of dynamic self-leadership during tough times
  • How to use ‘The 7 Universal Life Requirements’ to lead, manage, inspire and motivate your team and self
  • How to conversationally re-wire a team member’s limiting beliefs
  • Understanding human behaviour and motivation
  • The art of influence – How to get team members to want to do what you need them to do

Overview of Navigate

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More Speaking Topics

Ian tailors to the brief. He will interview some of your people and design a session that ‘knocks it out of the park’ given he understands the audience, your language and your culture. His regular topics can include:

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