For Corporate and Business Leaders who must engage the Hearts and the Minds of their people:

Shift Culture – Finally! A book that showcases a system and recipe for getting sustainable culture shift to actually STICK.

Discover How You Can Engage Your People In The Required Change Journey and Deliver Business Results with a High Performance Team Culture…

Jack Welch is quoted as saying “When the external change exceeds the internal change, the end is in sight!” In a rapidly changing market place, transforming the organisation’s culture, and navigating your people through the required transformation may be the most import work leaders do – and critical to the long-term success of your business.

Technology continues to rapidly transform the way we connect, communicate and interact. Successful businesses also must transform rapidly. They must focus on the culture; given culture is a proven fundamental driver of operational and financial results.

Our global clients tell us their greatest challenge is getting ‘un-sticking’ teams and people stuck in the old ways. They are looking for a ‘results-based’ culture transformation process that created traction…fast!

“We have an engagement issue. Our people are not fully engaged”

- President – Pacific Operations. Leading Australian Manufacturer

The Stats Don’t Lie!

Three startling facts confirmed by a Katzenbach Centre 2013 survey of 2,200 participants across the world:


84% believe culture is critical to business success


60% think culture is more important than strategy or operating model


The most daunting fact: 51% thought a major overhaul is currently needed whilst only 35% felt their company’s culture is effectively managed!

But the real potent stats are those revealed in the business case which supports the argument for culture transformation initiatives:

A 142-country Gallup report on the “State of the Global Workplace” shows that 63 percent of employees are not engaged at work and 24 percent are actively disengaged, leaving a mere 13 percent of workers who are engaged in the work that they do.

How Does Your Organisation Rate?

Doug Conant, of Campbell Soup fame, said “To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.”

Trends also tell us leaders are failing to engage their people. One in three employees are actively looking for employment elsewhere. The statistics are frightening: 60% of exit interviews confirm people don’t leave the organisation; they leave their one-up leader. People often say, ‘We have a shit culture around here.’ How do you feel about that? And how do you rate as a leader?

Who Am I and Why You Can Trust Me…

Hi, I’m Ian Stephens. I’m a Professional Speaker, Trainer and Peak Performance Coach for organisations specialising in cultural transformation.

I’m also the published author of 4 books and the creator of 11 online resources that help business leaders amplify their leadership, personal and business results.

I’ve been voted one of the top 20 business speakers in Australia, and have delivered leading keynote speeches in over 29 countries, averaging over 180 days of speaking a year. I would be an idiot not to notice the patterns of high achieving teams and the benefits of a collaborative culture.

My keynotes and workshops focus on how to engage, lead and inspire your people through change and disruption.

By age 28 I was leading a 210 employee business generating $120 million in general insurance sales for the Wesfarmers Group. In the year 2000 I founded enRich Training & Development, and 17 years later I still get to live my passion and purpose – assisting corporate leaders implement practical culture transformation process which STICK and get traction. Over the years I have designed and facilitated our c3 culture transformation process for companies like Lexis Nexis, The Smorgon Group, MetLife, GHD and Ford Credit, to mention a few – assisting them to Communicate, Collaborate and Co-create the culture required to deliver the business results.

Introducing SHIfT CULTURE…

a book that showcases the tools and principles to deliver business results with a High Performance Team Culture.

“Within six months of undertaking Ian’s culture transformation process we won the ‘Life Insurer of the Year’ award. We now have an underwriting unit who are ‘best in industry’.”

– Luke Banfield – Head of CS&O – Retail Life Division – TAL Australia

The 3 Top reasons Employees Resist Change


They are skeptical due to past failed change efforts.



They do not feel involved in the change process, and



They do not understand the reasons for change. The WHY has not been well communicated!

The 2 Top Barriers To Change

  1. Competing priorities create change fatigue, and
  2. Systems, processes and incentives do not support change.

With SHIfT CULTURE you’ll have the tools, system and knowledge to avoid the main change resistors and overcome the barriers. Applying the books content will ensure your change initiative works and delivers tangible business results. You don’t want to your initiatives to be amongst the 70% of change initiatives which FAIL.



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